What makes E-Motion rollers unique?

Simply put it is the sliding frame. It's natural for a bike to shift back and forth when you ride outside and the E-Motion roller simply allows that motion to happen. The 3 roller drums are attached to a sliding frame so when your bike moves forward or back, even a small amount, the frame moves with you – your bike is not locked in place as it would be with conventional bicycle roller systems.

Does the E-Motion roller system improve your cycling skills?

Yes! With the freedom to steer and balance, you'll maintain your core balance skills over the long winter season. With the floating frame, you'll have a clear visual measure of your smoothness. The less motion you generate as you ride, the smoother you are. No conventional roller or trainer can provide this kind of feedback on riding technique.

OK so it moves...why is that so revolutionary?

We essentially created a little stretch of road where you can ride in ways that naturally engage both your body and mind. You won't fixate on what's missing and won't need a distraction as you would on a conventional rollers. Simply put, time flies when you ride them and they make you feel good. For those of you who dread riding a conventional trainer, here's the perfect solution.

How can movement enhance rideability?

A bicycle is very easy to ride outdoors because it is free to behave naturally. When you put a bike on conventional rollers, you impose a restriction on natural movement and conventional rollers are difficult to ride because of this restriction. Allowing the bike to move freely on rollers makes riding on them feel natural again.

Why don't other rollers have free-motion?

They don't have it because we invented it and we have the patent on free-motion. No other trainer can match free-motion. You can line up all the world's best trainers and you will see that cyclists prefer the free-motion trainers almost every time. It's just a better way to ride.

It sounds too good to be true, what's the catch?

Well, you're going to have to steer and balance on your own, so you have to pay attention as you ride, but this is easy. You do the same thing when you ride outside.

Is it easy to learn?

Yes, its as easy as riding a bike, though it does take some effort to get the hang of riding freely in a small space. We have instructions for new riders.

How long does it take to learn?

If you visit us at our trade show booth, where we have invited hundreds of visitors to get on and ride, two minutes is all it takes to learn. It's a bit longer to learn on your own, but you can reasonably expect it to take from 5 to 20 minutes, even without prior roller experience. That's a very small investment for a lifetime of rewarding indoor cycling.

I'm not that good a cyclist, and think I'd be even worse on rollers. Should I avoid them?

In no way should you feel intimidated by our rollers. In fact, you stand to gain the skills and confidence that will make you a better cyclist. We've seen every imaginable skill level get on and ride with no problem. All it takes is a little desire and some practice.

Can you ride off the rollers?

It’s not possible to ride off the drums. You can try as hard as you want and it won’t happen. That doesn't mean you can't tip over however.

How do you get on and off?

With free-motion you can get on and off just like outside. With one foot on the ground, just give the pedal a spin and as long as the wheels are turning, you can coast and balance long enough to get the other foot up. Of course you will have to practice but it's not hard. Getting off is even easier. Just stick out your foot and lean to that side as you step down onto the floor.

Can any bike be ridden on it?

Any bike with a wheelbase between 36.5" (93cm) to 42.5" (108cm) and fairly high pressure (100psi/690kPa) tires will work. Small wheels down to 16" (40cm) diameter also work fine.

What is the wheelbase range of the E-Motion rollers?

36.5" (93cm) to 42.5" (108cm)

What is wheelbase?

The wheelbase of a bicycle is the distance from the center of the rear axle to the center of the bicycle's front axle. To accommodate the wide range of bicycle wheelbases, the E-Motion Rollers have an adjustable front drum - which is to be positioned directly under the bicycle's front axle.

Inside Ride knows that you may have several bicycles sharing one E-Motion Rollers system and that's why we provide a front drum that can be quickly, easily, and accurately adjusted (no tools needed!) by each rider to match his/her bicycle's wheelbase.

Why can't I ride mountain bikes on the E-Motion rollers?

Some can be ridden but it depends on the wheelbase (axle to axle length) of the bike. In general, modern mountain bikes with suspension are too long to fit within the range we can provide for. Also, unless the front suspension is locked while riding, the wheelbase will change as the suspension bobs up and down. This could cause the bike to become unstable.

Will it hurt my bike?

As far as trainers are concerned, E-motion rollers are your bike's best friend. Since there is nothing attached to the bike and it's allowed to move freely, there are no damaging stresses imposed on the bike. Compare that to rigid trainers, which can put severe strain on your frame and eat up tires as well. Rigid trainers are bad for your bike. Some manufacturers of carbon frames will void the warranty if their bikes are used on rigid trainers.

What about tire wear?

Most rollers are easy on tires and ours is too. After long periods of use on the rollers you will notice the tie wear pattern is different than outside because the bike stays pretty much upright and never leans over enough to wear the sides of the tread crown. Though there is no reason to purchase special trainer tires for roller riding, but we don't recommend that you use your finest racing tires either. They should be saved for the real thing. Even on the smooth drums, there is some normal tire wear. It is not uncommon to see a light dusting of black tire material on the roller frame...don't worry - the wear factor is less than riding on the road.

How do I calibrate my Smart Resistance Unit (Qubo)?

Full calibration instructions including a link to the Quick Calibrate Estimator calculator spreadsheet can be found HERE (https://www.insideride.com/qubocalibration)

What keeps the bike up?

Nothing more than what keeps it up outside...simple steering and balance. That's why even little kids can ride these rollers. Balancing a bike outdoors is all about steering to constantly to keep the front wheel under you. When your speed is low, the steering input is greater and when the speed is higher, your steering inputs become very subtle. On the E-Motion rollers, it's exactly the same. As long as the wheels are rotating, no matter what the speed is, the rider can steer and maintain balance - just like outside riding.

Can you tip over and what happens if you do?

Even though it's impossible to steer off the drum, it's still possible to tip over, but that only happens when you make contact with the side wheel and then fail to steer back to the center of the rollers. It's rare, but it happens when you are not paying attention. The key is to always keep the front wheel in your peripheral view so that if you slowly drift to one side, you will notice as you make contact and you will be ready to bring the bike back in line. It's like a gentle reminder. The good news is that if you do tip, you just need to get your foot out and step down to the floor to prevent a fall. After practicing this dismount technique, you will find it quite easy to catch yourself if you ever tip over unexpectedly. [This is a skill that is valuable outdoors too!] You will find that experienced riders can get either foot out of their pedals in a flash without having to think about it. It's a survival skill out on the road.

Can you watch TV or videos while you ride?

Yes – absolutely!

Can you read while riding?

The short answer is no. It is possible but it's not wise. If you want to read and ride, you need a different kind of trainer.

What are the side wheels for?

They prevent you from steering off the drum (as is possible on conventional rollers) and yet they are remarkably gentle. They allow you to make contact and correct your steering without disrupting the ride at all. They're soft and won't hurt your tires. You'll barely notice when you hit them! We just felt you should not have to pay a penalty for steering too far to one side.

I ride a fluid trainer all winter. Why should I switch?

We can always make the case that our rollers are better for you and your bike but we freely admit that if you love your trainer, you don't need anything from us. The Free-Motion concept is for those who DISLIKE riding traditional trainers and rollers. By our reckoning, that's about 99% of the trainer riding population. We hear from cyclists all over the world and the message is always the same…they despise trainers but they have to ride something. Now there's an alternative.

Will these rollers help or hurt my riding skills?

E-motions are amazingly good at improving your base skills. Part of the inspiration behind our rollers was to improve the notoriously bad habits resulting from indoor cycling. Rigid trainers are an unacceptable substitute for cycling and do almost NOTHING for you. Conventional rollers are an improvement but they won't teach you how to ride better outside. E-motion rollers give you valuable feedback on smoothness, balance, and riding position. Because we don't force you to adopt an "indoor" riding style, what you learn stays with you outside too. After all, we didn't invent real cycling, we just brought it in indoors for the first time.

What kind of resistance unit E-motion rollers use?

We use a magnetic resistance unit. After much experimentation we found that it gives the best reliability and the most versatility. It's easily adjustable to get whatever workload you require and it does not make noise.

Is the resistance adjustable while you ride?

Yes, if you purchase the optional wireless resistance control system - available factory installed on new rollers or as a DIY kit for Model F or H rollers.

Will there be enough resistance for tough workouts?

We can provide high levels of resistance for specific workouts. With the adjustable mag unit you can get a relatively high load at low speed to simulate hills, or run a low setting to simulate a flat road. Where you are limited is when you ride a single-speed and you have only one gear. Changing gears is how you control resistance in small increments.

Can I train with a power meter?

We firmly believe in Power meters and, as it happens, the rollers are perfectly suited for power based workouts. We provide a power estimate chart for reference but if you are seriously using wattage to train with, you should have the meter right on your bike. The combination of our rollers and a power meter is likely the best training tool available to the indoor cyclist.

I don't want a major workout. Are these any good for casual cycling?

We have done our best to provide the option of light cycling, however you will still have to pedal nearly constantly to maintain minimum speed. At slow speeds and light pedaling loads, the coasting time is only a few seconds. For competitive and avid recreational cyclists, the rollers can be ridden at low effort. For truly casual cyclists, the same effort may seem a little too high for comfort. Still, we have lots of grandmas and grandpas who love to get on and ride them, if only for a short time. Please contact us if you are unsure about effort levels.

What kind of maintenance can I expect to perform on my rollers?

The only regular maintenance item on the rollers is belt replacement, which we discuss in the support section of the website. There is no simple way to predict when to replace belts however the following notes may be helpful. First, the flywheel belts naturally wear down, creating “belt” dust. This is normal and not a sign of failure. Second, the flywheel belt will show cracks. This too is normal. Perhaps the best indicators of for replacing your flywheel belt is belt slippage and/or the flywheel belt losing chunks of material. Replacing either belt requires partial dis-assembly of the rollers so we recommend that you replace both belts at the same time to take advantage of the disassembled rollers.

How should I clean my rollers?

Wipe your rollers clean with a soft cloth - either dry or dampened with a household cleaner such as Formula 409.

Are there upgrades for my rollers?

We are constantly working on improving the design of the rollers. As new parts become available, we make them available to owners of earlier models for a nominal fee. Ask for more info.

How should I store my rollers?

Under the bed or standing up in a closet. Or just tip them sideways and slide them behind the couch. They take less space than the bike you rode in on, pardner!

What is the new Floating Fork Stand?

This stand is a way of supporting the bike while still allowing the natural motion of real riding. By removing your front wheel and attaching the bike to the Floating fork Stand, the bike is able to tilt side to side as you pedal, but the tilt is mechanically connected to the steering axis, so you can control the degree of tilt through natural steering.

Not only can you stand up and pedal hard with a generous side to side rhythm, but even when just riding easy, tiny amounts of tilt are naturally counterbalanced by steering pressure. By intuitively steering your bike as you would outside, you balance the forces that generate tilt, resulting in a bike that moves naturally. Combine this natural tilt with the floating motion of the E-motion roller frame, and you have a feel that's very close to the real thing.

Which models is the new Floating Fork Stand compatible with?

The new FFS easily attaches to your models F and H.

Designed and manufactured in the USA.

Available for purchase online for customers in the USA and CANADA.
Customers outside of North America should contact our partner Elite.