Floating Fork Stand (FFS)

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Floating Fork Stand (FFS)

A newer addition to the Inside Ride product line-up: the FLOATING FORK STAND (FFS)
Common rigid trainers are famous for their uncomfortable and unnatural feel. The bike is clamped solidly and requires no balance or concentration to ride, and extended use can be painful and even detrimental to your form. Yet many who ride these primitive machines don't want to switch to full rollers because it requires more rider engagement. It's just not as easy.
Well, now there's another option.
Introducing FFS, the latest accessory for the E-motion rollers.
This new and unique technology quickly converts your rollers to a hybrid trainer, and it offers something no other trainer does...the ability to support the bike while still allowing it to move naturally. By incorporating a degree of freedom into the fork stand, the bike can rock side to side in response to your pedal effort, but the motion is BALANCED and CONTROLLED by steering pressure, which is something you do naturally when riding.
FFS technology bridges the gap between rollers and trainers, giving you the security and ease of a conventional trainer, with the naturally comfy feel of our floating E-Motion Rollers. It easily attaches to your E-motion (models F and H ) and can be ridden in either the locked or "free" mode. Compatible with quick release forks only. Thru axle forks are not supported at this time.
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