The New InsideRide E-Motion Rollers and Smart Resistance Unit Review - By

The New InsideRide E-Motion Rollers and Smart Resistance Unit Review- By


(Original article written by Tariq Ali, with photos: )


In the smart bike trainers market, wheel-on and direct drive smart trainers have been the choice for many cyclists. They are easy to setup, ride and can get the job done without having to worry about falling off the bike. However, these bike trainers lack the real feeling of riding a bike...


Rollers came very close to that by allowing a rider basically just ride their bike and try to balance the bike just like you do when riding outdoors. However, many cyclists and triathletes avoid rollers because they are harder to ride and require smoother pedaling and a lot more concentration, otherwise you will end up falling off and possibly injuring yourself. InsideRide wanted to change that with their E-Motion rollers...


What makes the E-Motion rollers different is the patented “free motion” technology base. The rollers will move with you making riding and standing a lot easier than conventional rollers. When you are riding outdoors, your bike is moving with you and shifts back and forth and the E-Motion rollers try to simulate that same motion. That’s why you will notice that riding the E-Motion is the closest thing to riding your bike outdoors...


The trainer comes in a large box fully assembled. All you need to do is take it out of the box and start riding. The resistance unit comes as a factory add-on for an additional $300 and it will arrive installed. If you already have the E-Motion roller (Model H), you can purchase the smart resistance control kit separately for $330.


If you purchase the smart resistance unit separate as an add-on to upgrade your current E-Motion, then it will come in its own box and you will have to assemble it. The assembly is simple and you will find full instructions included. An ANT+ key is also included with the smart resistance unit...


I have been using my InsideRide for over five years now and the new smart resistance unit for the past month. The smart resistance unit is ANT+ FE-C and Smart Bluetooth compatible.

...max slope is 6% but on the rollers you automatically gain another 2% due to natural rolling resistance, so the max slope is about 8%.  I have used the E-Motion with TrainerRoad and Zwift. The pairing process was simple and I had no issues pairing it with either app.




Final Thoughts


I have been using the E-Motion rollers for over 5 years. Long before I started reviewing smart trainers and long before TrainerRoad and Zwift came out. It made riding indoors for me a lot more entertaining and challenging. My cycling improved treamendously since I started using it. Since then, the E-Motion has evolved from manual rollers to smart rollers compatible with a variety of apps. To this date, I find riding it a lot more entertaining and time passes a lot quicker.


InsideRide also offers a floating front fork stand for $150 as an option.


If you are looking for something that is different than your traditional wheel-on or direct drive trainer then give this E-Motion a try.

Inside Ride "Smart Resistance Control" update

Inside Ride "Smart Resistance Control" update


The Inside Ride smart resistance control is now available as an option with new rollers. This system is made by Elite and is part of their"QUBO" product line. It has been adapted for use on the E-motion rollers and has been fully tested before shipping. To avoid shipping damage, the unit is packed in a cushioned box and some minor assembly is required by the customer to attach the device.

The same QUBO system will soon be available as an upgrade kit for existing model H rollers.


General information:

The Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ has been designed specifically for use with a smartphone or tablet, the Qubo Digital Smart features a wirelessly controlled 16-level resistance unit that can be paired with a compatible Android or iOS device via Bluetooth or ANT+.



  • Interaction between App/Software/Devices with ANT+ trainers (FE-C) protocol. The ANT+FE-C is "open" and allows the trainer to run any software that supports ANT+FE-C

  • Wireless magnetic resistance with electronic adjustment

  • ANT+ Wireless and Bluetooth Smart transmission


The Qubo is designed for use with popular apps such as Trainer Road and Zwift.
You can also manually adjustyour QUBO resistance directly from your mobile device. Elite offers a free appfor use with the QUBO system which allows you to set fixed resistance levels or set a constant power target and let the app adjust as you ride.


The QUBO system uses estimated power and can't account forfluctuations in rolling resistance, therefore, the system accuracy is relative and at times will not agree with "on-bike" power meters.

The system is designed to use either ANT+ or Bluetooth to connect with your computer. However it has been our experience that ANT+ is the preferred method of operation, and we include the ANT+ key with each unit. Be aware that Bluetooth connection problems are highly dependent on the device used to connect and Inside ride cannot be responsible for Bluetooth connection issues.
All products sold through our website are returnable within a 30 day time period. The return shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer and will be deducted from the refund

To Purchase:

A Review of the New Floating Fork Stand

Professional mountain bike racer, Evan Plews had a nasty spill this season.  It's a harsh reality of bike racing, but it doesn't mean that fitness has to be thrown out the window, or that all of the work that has been accumulated to get to a certain form needs to go down the drain.  Evan used our new Floating Fork Stand to continue to maintain his fitness while he healed.  This is what Evan had to say:

"As a professional athlete I've trained thousands of hours on my E-Motion Rollers and cannot imagine riding a fixed trainer ever again. I broke my shoulder this year. I couldn't fully support my weight and I was concerned about riding outside or on the rollers. The FFS attachment preserved the free-floating ride quality I love but gave me the security to ride with no concern for my injury. This is an amazing accessory for those who aren't ready for the total commitment to rollers or need more stability for specific workouts!"

(Learn more about Evan and follow his adventures here:

Smart Resistance Control for ZWIFT and Other Applications

Many of you have asked about the smart resistance control announced 
last year. Here is the current status:
The original project to create a high end smart resistance for the 
rollers has run into compatibility problems and has been cancelled. 
In it's place we have chosen to fit smart resistance units made by 
Elite, which means they are a bit lower in maximum wattage and a bit 
slower to respond to large changes in target power, but will function 
reliably with a wider range of apps going forward .
The units are the same as found on Elite's"QUBO digital Smart 
B+"trainers. These are ANT+ FEC compatible and will pair with 
typical apps such as ZWIFT and TRAINER ROAD, as well as Elite's own 
training software. Estimated release will be in mid September. 
Pricing is expected to be $300 factory installed and $330 for user 
installed kits. They are compatible with rollers sold since 2010 
(model H). Unfortunately it is not compatible with the earlier model 
F and model L.

ANT+ Remote Control

One of the most visible changes to our loyal riders who have been using the older wireless control will be the new purpose-designed remote control for a bicycle handlebar.  Let’s just say our old remote was not purpose-designed for the bicycle.  We have partnered with o_synce in Germany who have designed this great sweat-proof, multi-button remote control that easily attaches and detaches on your handlebar. 

Just today we received our first bulk shipment of remotes as we start to get our inventory ready for the next generation wireless device.  Stay tuned!


Welcome to the new digital face of Inside Ride.  We hope you enjoy the new website.  We really appreciate our customers, many of you are raving fans and we love hearing from you! We're going to use this blog to reciprocate and keep you informed about some exciting (at least we think so) new developments coming out of Inside Ride.  Please stay tuned!

Your Inside Ride Team

Designed and manufactured in the USA.

Available for purchase online for customers in the USA and CANADA.
Customers outside of North America should contact our partner Elite.