A Look at InsideRide Floating ​Bike Fork Stand

A Look at InsideRide Floating Bike Fork Stand

A review of the Floating Fork Stand by SmartBikeTrainer.com’s Tariq Ali:


“The InsideRide E-motion roller isn’t your standard roller. They are built and known for their motion technology and bumper wheels to prevent you from falling off. If you’ve never been on rollers, you will find the InsideRide E-motion a little easier to ride than traditional rollers and more comfortable than stationary bike trainers."

The Floating Fork Stand is perfect companion for virtual cycling, like Zwift riding or use with apps like Trainer Road. Read Smart Bike Trainer’s review of the Floating Fork Stand (FFS) : https://www.smartbiketrainers.com/a-look-at-insideride-floating-%e2%80%8bbike-fork-stand-7366

Now available as a part of the Ultimate Zwift Package: (http://www.insideride.com/buy/emotion-h )


Designed and manufactured in the USA.

Available for purchase online for customers in the USA and CANADA.
Customers outside of North America should contact our partner Elite.