From E-Motion Rollers New York State Champion

Chad Tavernia a 38 year old USAC Category 3 racer from upstate New York spends about half of the year training indoors on E-Motion Rollers because of harsh winter weather where he lives. In 2019, Chad won the Whilteface Mountain Uphill Bike Race and is now the New York State Champion in the men’s elite road cycling. “I owe a big part of these two early season performances to my time spent during winter indoor training on my E-Motion rollers, which have offered the dynamic road feel necessary to endure long hours of indoor training.” Want to know how he does it? He give us some hints:

”I have been training on "E-Motion" rollers from Inside Ride which offer several unique characteristics that have helped me reach my goals, by precisely replicating outdoor riding. The thing I like most about the Inside Ride rollers is the realistic road feel. On my E-Motion rollers, I have the ability to spend long periods of time riding low cadence, out of the saddle. This is how I work on increasing my leg strength and build a strong aerobic engine.”

Chad also relied on virtual racing sessions using the popular Zwift platform and says it was an absolute game changer for priming fitness for 2019. “I trained very hard over this past winter, and was able to have my two greatest performances ever during recent racing events.” He founded a virtual race team on Zwift, and welcomes other passionate riders to join. “If you ride E-Motion rollers, train with Zwift and want to join a roller specific team, join me over at Team High Rollers on Zwift. It’s truly a way to take your indoor training to the next level.”

You can join Chad’s team here:

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