E-Motion Roller Model History

Model Production Dates Serial #s
L 2005 to 5/2007 0-444 Model L
F 5/2007 to 6/2010 445F-3073F Model F
Model F
H 6/2010 to present 3074H+ Model H

Model H Changes

The current edition, also known as Model "H", incorporates several design changes from the previous Model "F" rollers that simplify both setup and maintenance while preserving the ride performance E-Motion Rollers are known for. Notable changes include a narrower and shorter lower frame (providing a more compact footprint), closed aluminum frames (to protect the track system within the lower frame), a single center brace lower frame to simplify belt replacement, and tool free, fast, and precise rack and pinion adjustment of the front drum position.

E-Motion Roller Belt Replacement

Model H / Model F / Model L (pdf)

Step by step instructions for replacing the drum and flywheel belts of your E-Motion rollers.

Replacement belts available for purchase here.

Interactive Power Calculator

With the Interactive Power Calculator (Microsoft Excel) you can customize your E-motion roller workouts based on your bike set up and goals. Input your gearing and target power output to get the required mag unit setting and speed to achieve you goal.

Qubo Power Chart

With the Qubo Power Chart you can estimate the theoretical power you would be riding at by cross checking the mag setting (resistance unit) with your speed. (You'll need a bike computer with a magnetic speed sensor for this, instead of a GPS unit).

Qubo Smart resistance Calibration https://www.insideride.com/qubocalibration

Wireless Remote User Guide

Please see the E-Motion Remote User Guide for instructions on using Manual and Interval modes to switch between off and 3 levels of additional resistance. This product was discontinued in 2018 and is no longer avalable for purchase

E-Motion Roller Setup

Model H / Model F (pdf)

The E-Motion rollers must be adjusted to each individual bike so that the front roller drum is directly beneath the bike's front axle. This document guides the reader through this process as well as setting the resistance level.

E-Motion General Care Guidelines

Wipe them down with a cloth dampened with a mild household cleaner like 409.

The long drum belt may also be cleaned with 409

Do not clean the flywheel belt.

Sweat is the main cause of mechanical problems. Minimize the amount of sweat by using a fan.

Do not leave them in direct sunlight, especially inside a vehicle, where the temperature can easily exceed design limits.

E-Motion Rollers Limited Warranty

For a period of five (5) years from the date of receipt of your E-Motion Rollers, Inside Ride, Inc. will replace any mechanical part, except belts, that have failed during the course of normal use.

Cosmetic issues such as peeling paint caused by sweat corrosion are not valid warranty claims.

Electronic devices are covered by a 1 year warranty due to their susceptibility to environmental factors such as sweat corrosion. Devices that fail within their first 30 days will be replaced with a new device. After 30 days, failed devices will either be repaired or replaced at our discretion. In all cases, the shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Replacement parts will be provided with instructions for installation. If you are unable to perform the installation, we will exchange or rebuild the entire unit, at our discretion, for the price of shipping using our normal product delivery shipping service.

As a practical matter, the packing and shipping of an older roller in need of repair is much easier if we simply exchange it for a rebuilt unit. That way we are shipping it to you in our box, which can then be used to ship your old unit back to us. This trade-in option is made available on an individual basis, solely at the discretion of Inside Ride.

E-Motion Rollers Returns

E-Motion Rollers come with a 30 day return option. Customers are responsible for return shipping charges. If you contact us, we will supply a prepaid shipping label for their return and subtract the cost from the refund. The rollers need to be in good condition, packed in the original box and dropped off at the nearest FedEx branch. When we receive the rollers, we will issue the refund.


Model L

Model L

Model F

Model F

Model F

Model F

Model H

Model F

Designed and manufactured in the USA.

Available for purchase online for customers in the USA and CANADA.
Customers outside of North America should contact our partner Elite.